Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Indian Jewelry

Jewelry has always been an integral part of Indian culture. In fact, Indian lifestyle segment is incomplete without jewelry. It is being said that, history of Indian jewelry is almost 5000 years old. Indian people have always been very fond of different styles of jewellery. Metals like gold, silver and different gems and stones have clearly defined the history of Indian jewelry. Even if you look at mythological serials and movies, you will find all the characters wearing jewellery. It is a sign of importance and existence of jewelry in the history of India.
Indian jewelry is very stylish and is available in numerous of designs. India always had a great name in handicrafts of different types of gold jewellery and gems, stones etc. one can find all types of ornaments suitable for all the body parts. In ancient era, metals and crude stones were used to make necklace, anklets and rings. With the passage of time, people discovered the art of polishing gold and extracting different types of gems. Later on, gold and other precious stones were used to make rings, chains, anklets and earrings etc.
The most fascinating aspect of Indian jewelry is availability of eclectic mix of designs and styles. Different states in India have different styles of jewelry and all of them are uniquely beautiful. India has been ruled by different kingdoms and all of them have left indelible mark on the jewelry styles. For example, Rajputs gave enameled jewelry whereas Mughals were known for intricate carvings and usage of precious stones. Traditional jewelry of India will always remain in vogue. Indian jewelry is indeed a great mix of modern and traditional style.