Saturday, January 31, 2009

Indian Architecture

Indian architecture has managed to garner fame and applause world over. The fascinating saga of Indian architecture reflects lasting achievements of Indian civilization. Indian architecture did not evolve in a single day but it’s a culmination of centuries of socio-economic and geological conditions. It shows fascinating facets of India’s truly rich culture through various expressions. The force of Indian history gave rise to mesmerizing expressions of unique Indian architecture. The best feature of this saga is the vast range and elements of history in architectural specimens.

One look at several specimens of architecture and one can find mix of different periods of history manifested in astonishing designs. The concept of town planning can be traced back to Indus Valley civilization. The structural designs of that period bear the stamp of rich knowledge and efforts on part of designers. But real magic occurred since the onset of Buddhism. Numerous breathtaking buildings were erected during that period. The foremost names of that era which have managed to stand the test of time are; rock-cut caves at Ajanta and the Great Stupa at Sanchi.
South India did not lag behind in terms of architectural beauty. South Indian rulers always emphasized on beautiful designs and temples of Kanchipuram and Rock cut temples of Mahabalipuram are proof of that historical era. Temples at places like Belur, Halebid and Thanjavur reflect structural excellence of south India. Coming to North India, Nagara style of architecture was very popular whereas in central India eternal temple complex at Khajuraho stand as proof of India’s all round architectural brilliance. Islamic rulers brought a complete new style of architecture with them. The Indo-Islamic architecture was a beautiful combination of best of Indian styles and aesthetic designs of Islam. British rule further enriched Indian architectural world through modern class buildings. Reference interior designer

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Truly India!

India is a republic state with many regions and states. Each state in India boasts of a different culture. All the states have their different tastes in dance, music, arts etc. folk dances are exclusive to every particular region. Whether you go to Punjab, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh or Chennai, Kerala, all these states have different dance and music forms. While talking of amazing India, how can we forget the famous philosophers, thinkers, writers and scholars? Since ancient times, India has marveled in the glory of its rich literature. In true words, India has always been the birth land of great thinkers and even in modern times, this fact has not changed. Holy epics like Vedas, Upanishads, Ramayana, Mahabharata, etc. are proof of India’s amazing literary talent. Most of these epics can be found in majority of the Indian homes. The language Sanskrit belongs to India. Sanskrit is considered as the purest language in the entire world.

Plays like Shilpadhikaram, Shakuntalam etc were written in this hold land only. These are considered as great literary masterpieces. How can one forget amazing flora and fauna spread across length of India? Go to any part of the country and you will be mesmerized with enchanting charm distributed all over. Picturesque locations of north, virgin locations of eastern India, coasts of west and great monuments and sculptures of south India remind us of inherent beauty of this land. One of the best possible results of different religions combing together was delicious cuisines. The traditional food of India is savored greatly and appreciated all over the world. Truly, India boasts of one of the best cultures of this world which has managed to survive since ancient times.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Amazing India

India gave birth to several religions including Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism, Jainism etc. consequently these religions spread to all over the world. Buddhism is a major religion in many parts of Asia. Islam made entry into India with the arrival of kings like Mohammad Ghazani and Mohammad Gori. Mughal soon followed and that was beginning of spread of Islam all over India. India is one of the largest countries in world with maximum population of Muslims. If one looks at different archeological and architectural monuments of ancient India, amalgamation of diverse religions has been distinctly demonstrated in them. Confluence of diverse religions is one of the greatest hallmarks of Indian culture. Ancient Indian art and monuments are wonderful mixture of all the religions.

Indian art first surfaced during prehistoric Stone Age. Many caves and historical places bear testimony to artistic inclinations of Indians. Paintings and drawings of animals can be found in numerous caves. With the passage of time, drawing and painting also got refined. Many ancient households used to adorn the front deck of the house. This particular things has not changed as we can see Indians often decorate their houses. South Indians in particular, are more apt at making beautiful designs in their homes. Other arts including music and dance also got refined. India is home to wonderful classical dances and music like Hindustani and Carnatic music. In fact, different parts of the country have separate dance forms and all of them are still followed with utmost sincerity. People tend to forget themselves in dance like Bharatanatyam, Kathak, Manipuri, Odissi etc.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Discovering India

India is renowned for its glorious cultural history and beautiful places. Indian culture is rich, beautiful and preserved. The roots are still in places and likely to stay intact even in future. India is a land of diverse religions and different beliefs. Indian culture has successfully managed to amalgamate a Diaspora numerous cultures and beliefs. What would you call a country with hundreds of languages, tribes and religions? Our school books teach us India represents unity in diversity. They could not have put it more accurately. This mystical sub-continent has continued to amaze western world on the sheer basis of tolerance and resilience displayed since centuries.

The beauty and richness of India always attracted rulers from other parts of the world. Right from Persians, Mongols, and Afghans to British, French and Portuguese, India has seen it all. Yet, we the nation accepted all of them, their cultures and incorporated within ours’. It’s our habit to imbibe best of cultures and give them their own space to flourish. Go around any state of India and one will find completely different culture which has managed to sustain flow of time and yet here, united we stand! ,

India is also a place with picturesque location. From pristine beauty of kerala to golden surfs of Goa, from Kashmir, the paradise of Earth to religious fervor of Kanyakumari, India has managed to carve the niche. Not to forget, majestic beauty of Khajuraho or alluring charm of Ajanta and Allora, India has it all in abundance. This blog will aspire to discover amazing India and will show the glimpses of its majestic beauty.